Is the Honda Odyssey a Good Family Vehicle?

September 29th, 2020 by

2021 Honda Odyssey

The 2021 Honda Odyssey is an excellent choice for families based on its unique features that make driving as a parent much easier including the magic slide system, built-in vacuum, and CabinWatch system. These features add to the Odyssey’s attraction on top of its strong starting price and immense cargo room.

Versatility with the Magic Slide

The Honda Odyssey has one of the most interesting 2nd-row seat options available. With this feature, Mom or Dad can slide the 2nd-row seats side to side. This allows for easier access to kids in the third row or for the cargo you are bringing along. The adjustable seat arrangement is also very helpful in installing car seats and maneuvering them in and out of the van.



The backseat entertainment systems were a major breakthrough for parents. Long road trip with restless kids? Put on a movie or cartoon and drive with content children. However, now you have to give the kids the talk about behaving at your next stop and they are blasting their favorite cartoon’s theme song. What to do? CabinWatch, which is an exclusive technology on the Odyssey, can solve those problems. The CabinWatch system is made up of two parts, video and intercom. The intercom allows the driver’s voice to be heard through connected headphones or the van’s rear speakers. While some competitors’ vans have a basic intercom system, Honda takes it to the next level by also allowing parents to view the back rows with the front entertainment screen. Finally be able to settle the debate if big brother really did hit little brother with the CabinWatch system!

Keeping Your Family Safe

The Odyssey can help you stay safe on the road. Even a perfect parent can’t always be a perfect driver. The Road Departure Mitigation System offered in the Honda Odyssey can help drivers keep their cargo and passengers safe. The system alerts the driver when it detects the van crossing over lanes without signaling and can provide steering assistance to help the driver correct their mistake. This advanced safety feature comes standard on the Honda Odyssey, unlike the competition.

Clean Van- Always & Forever

The extra space for cargo and passengers means vans can collect a lot of dirt. Ask any parent who has tried to sweep crackers ground into a floor mat, keeping a van clean is hard. Unless you have an Odyssey. The Odyssey comes equipped with a built-in vacuum system that makes cleaning your van a breeze. The HondaVac system comes with a long reach to clean the entire van. Once you are done with your cleaning sprint, you can easily dump the debris out with an easily removable waste bin.

Hendrick Honda of Charleston

At Hendrick Honda of Charleston, we take pride in maintaining our customer for life. We would love to help your family find the right vehicle for you. If you would like to get started on your shopping experience, you can view our Odyssey inventory here. We are eager to show you the great features of the Honda Odyssey, so please schedule a test drive today!

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