Honda Passport vs Pilot: Which Honda SUV Suits Your Lifestyle Best?

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Should I Buy the Passport or Pilot?

If you’re interested in the new Honda Passport or Pilot but are having trouble deciding which is the best suited for your lifestyle, continue reading! Both SUVs fall into the mid-size category, but they also differ slightly in terms of outward image.

2021 Honda Passport

2021 Honda Passport

The newer SUV between the two is the Passport, as it was added to the lineup in 2019. The five-seater SUV is built with over 8 inches of ground clearance, making it an ideal choice for adventure-seekers! The Pilot is more established and offers a three-row seating choice, making this a reliable choice for families everywhere.

2021 Honda Pilot

2021 Honda Pilot

When choosing which SUV is best suited for you and your family, consider what your requirements are in the following categories: Cargo Capacity, Technology, Cabin Space, Fuel Economy, and Capability.

Cargo Capacity: Passport vs Pilot

The winner? Both are eligible contenders for their extensive cargo carrying abilities! We suggest bringing a tape measure with you on your visit to see the vehicle. Honda is known for offering creative storage solutions in many Passport and Pilot crevices, making the official number a little more of a gray area. We’re confident that if you won’t be upset on either side of the aisle. Both crossovers are ready for an adventure, with the Passport offering a handy under-floor storage area in the trunk. The Pilot on the other hand, remains a steady contender for families needing extra room to haul not only children but the equipment that comes with kids. Strollers, diaper bags, luggage, toys, etc. are a breeze in the Pilot.

2021 Honda Passport | Cargo Capacity

2021 Honda Passport | Storage Capacity

Technology: Passport vs Pilot

Both models come equipped with Honda Sensing safety technology including lane-keeping tools and adaptive cruise control. Your Honda will even use braking assist and forward collision warnings to keep you and your passengers safer on the road. Infotainment touchscreens and wireless phone chargers are options for those drivers looking at some of the higher trim levels. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also available on both models, and we’re confident you’ll be impressed with the long list of features including heated and ventilated seating.

Overall, the Passport is a great choice for anyone looking, but it is important to keep in the mind that the Pilot is better equipped for a family. Additional entertainment “toy” features are sure to keep your kids happy on longer, or shorter, drives. Schedule an appointment to see the differences for yourself!

Cabin Space: Passport vs Pilot

The winner? Depends on what you consider a win! Total passenger volume is certainly higher in the Honda Pilot due to the third row seating. However, that means that passenger leg room, particularly in the second and third rows are lower.

If you’re towing along two little ones, or some pets – the Passport will likely suit your needs perfectly. However, if you’re wanting the minivan advantage without the minivan, the Pilot may be for you!

2021 Honda Pilot | Third-Row Seating

2021 Honda Pilot | Third-Row Seating

Fuel Economy: Passport vs Pilot

This factor is essentially a tie with hardly any worthy differences. When making your decision – other factors will likely carry more weight!

Capability: Passport vs Pilot

If you’re someone who prefers frequent adventures – the Passport is the SUV for you. With more ground clearance, you’ll have an easier time riding off the beaten path. It may also come in handy in snowy conditions! Either way, both the Pilot and Passport are equipped with Honda’s Intelligent Traction Management System to help with snow, sand and mud.

In conclusion, the end-game of each SUV is the same. The Passport and Pilot are excellent choices depending on your lifestyle. For a smaller family or a couple of empty nesters, the Passport is a fine choice. For a larger family needing additional entertainment to keep the kids occupied, the Pilot may be the better pick!

Schedule a test drive at Hendrick Honda of Charleston in South Carolina today! Our team looks forward to working with you and showing off our Honda Passport or Honda Pilot inventory. Learn more about the Passport or Pilot today! Contact us for an appointment.

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