Honda Lease Returns in Charleston

Welcome to the Hendrick Honda of Charleston Lease Return Center!

Our Lease Maturity team wants to make sure you are will have the best experience possible when it comes to ending your lease. Conveniently located directly in our Main Service Waiting Area, it is simple and straightforward to move from one lease to another, especially if you are looking at our exclusive services like our Lease-End Preliminary Assessment, Personalized Upgrade Offers, and Personalized Vehicle Purchase Plans.

Did you know that many Honda lease customers are also able to trade in their leased vehicle prior to the lease term ending? This is encouraged by our team at Hendrick Honda of Charleston because it will benefit both parties involved. You will be able to upgrade to one of our new Honda models and we will be able to add a reliable Honda model to our pre-owned inventory. You should visit our dealership if you are currently leasing a Honda Accord, CR-V, or Civic to see the generous price we will offer for these vehicles!

You can learn more by contacting our team and scheduling an appointment for Complimentary Appraisal and Personalized Early Upgrade Offer.

If you want to keep your vehicle until the end of your lease, you have multiple options:

Option 1:

Return your current lease to our dealership then lease or buy a new Honda model.

We can walk you through the process, helping with your exclusive Lease-End Preliminary Assessment and showing you a Personalized Upgrade Offer that comes straight from our experts. If this option sounds right for you, be sure to contact our team to find the new Honda car, truck, van, or SUV that suits your needs.

Option 2:

Return your leased Honda and buy a Certified Pre-Owned Honda.

Some of you might want to switch to owning a vehicle after your lease ends, to which we answer with excitement and will explain the benefits that Certified Pre-Owned Honda models offer. We will work with you to find a model that meets all the needs of your life, then can get you on a test drive to make sure you will be comfortable and confident when you are behind the wheel.

Option 3:

Keep your leased Honda car, truck or SUV!

You are more than welcome to partake in our Lease-to-Own option that allows you to hold onto your leased vehicle. We work with many lenders to help you find the payment option that will work best for your lifestyle, also offering Hendrick Care in your Personalized Vehicle Purchase Plan to help you maintain the vehicle for many years.

Hendrick Honda of Charleston’s FREE Lease-End Preliminary Assessment:

If you want to be sure you can avoid any extra costs from leasing, we highly recommend you schedule a free Lease-End Preliminary Assessment. 98% of customers who have gone through this assessment have avoided unexpected costs when it comes to our final inspection. This appointment can be done within 60 days of your lease ending.

There are many benefits that come with leasing a Honda from Hendrick Honda of Charleston, including:

Automatic GAP Coverage
Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) provides the price difference between the remainder of your lease if the vehicle is stolen or determined to be a total loss. This comes standard on all Honda Leadership Leasing.

Excess Wear and Use Waiver
Honda Leadership Leasing includes an Excess Wear and Use Waiver policy. You can contact our dealership for all the details, determining if this is something you are interested in.

No Hidden Fees
Loyal customers may be eligible for a waiver of the disposition fee. Our team is more than happy to answer your questions to see if you want to include this in your lease.

Guaranteed Purchase Price
Honda Leadership leasing locks in the end-of-lease purchase price at signing, which can protect you against market fluctuations.

We encourage you to contact our team to see all your lease-end options. We have flexible hours, making it easy to visit our call our dealership between Monday and Saturday, making sure you end up with another Honda model that will keep you smiling when you are behind the wheel.